Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bright Ideas & Pet Peeves

Please steal these ideas!

Green China: an online and regular retail company that imports eco-friendly, sustainable items from China: organics, vegan, free-range-fair-trade-indigenous and climate-friendly doodads and whoosits. (Perhaps this already exists?)

A company that creates community between such companies here and like minded folks in China ... a company that makes "eco" hip in China and "China-eco" hip here. As a half-Chinese, eco-minded woman, why does China have to represent everything smoggy, exploited, endangered and lead filled? China is so fantastic--so sensual and maximally flavored and colored. There's so much there to "export" that doesn't have to be toxic.

Once, in China, I had a conversation at a dinner party with a Chinese businessman, a Shanghai resident, who told me that everyone in Shanghai wanted a car. Okay, I get this. We can't tell people what they should or shouldn't want, given that we all have wanted (and mostly have) these things, here, as Americans. But if we do indeed lead the way in what is "hip," and desirable, can we start putting something else out there?

I said, "Oh, jeez," (having just toured the city) "that would be a nightmare. You don't want everyone here to have a car."

And of course, he responded, "But everyone in the States has a car. You have a car, no?"

"Well, yes, I do have a car." I was trying to think fast. "But this is a big city. You know, in New York, a lot of people actually don't have cars."


"Oh, yes, really. In fact, Woody Allen doesn't even know how to drive, I don't think."

"Hmmmm." He said. He was fascinated, I could tell. He was thinking.

Finally, he asked, "Who is Woody Allen?"

More Bright Ideas to come ... (I hope)

With Love,

from your Mystical Mama

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