Friday, January 18, 2008

A Real Question for James Lipton

If I were James Lipton at the Actor’s Studio, I would ask my celebrities this question:

“If the whole world were like a high school, then celebrities would be the athletes and cheerleaders of the world, the uber-popular kids …

"What has the experience of celebrity done for your personhood? Have you used celebrity to your advantage in less than savoury ways? Has celebrity used you to its advantage in less than savoury ways?

"Have you discovered a way—within celebrity—to be grounded and kind? Have you discovered valueless-ness in what, before, seemed valuable to you?

"… Have you found a new value—a silence, a richness, a wonder within?—that goes beyond fame, adventure, wealth and power? … Or have you become lost in the roiling waves of the world’s fantastical projections?

… or maybe you are somewhere in between?

Enlighten us!”

(and, of course, enquiring minds want to know ... )

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