Thursday, May 1, 2008

"The New Physics" or, Time is On Our Side?

Of course, I have no idea about physics--much less any kind of "new" physics ... God forbid! But I do have this hunch.

My hunch is that there is ground point, a common intersection between the spiritual mystics (or mysticism) and the science of physics. Actually, the physicists are behind on this one. For if they understood deeply how reality is created, they would be mystics themselves!

The point of connection is in the very basis, or creation of manifestation itself.

Somehow, folks like Jesus and Sydney Banks and Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle look at "reality" not from the stance of being "in time," but from the stance of Origin, as in origin of Time. The mistake we make is in thinking that time "started" at some point, in the "past."

Whereas, I think these "people" (and they do not always see themselves as such!) see that time is always starting Now. There is no other time, only memory of past creation, which creates the illusion of time. Via memory, we create time.

Therefore, they see that there is no "time," no real "space" and no "matter." Everything is being created Now--and somehow, from within our Selves ... or as part of ourselves. (I get lost here ... Again, just a novice! No questions, please!)

Author and philosopher/Theosopher Sydney Banks has said that the universe is a "giant ball of energy." Perhaps there is no time--just this "ball" that manifests differently, according to our Thoughts, or God's Thoughts or Both. Like the sun, with its infinite rays ... all these rays simultaneously outmanifesting Now. Perhaps we perceive time and "reality" just based on where "we" (individualized consciousness) are localized--mentally, perceptually--in this "ball."

We think we "travel" in time, when really we just project infinite pictures--experience all this via the physical, via the senses, and then believe we have experienced something "real."

"Reality" ... always different for everyone.

But is it all just made up?

Are "miracles" simply the result of understanding True Physics? I believe a miracle, a healing, intuition and ESP represent not "breaks" or transgressions of the laws of physics, but are simply the result of insight into True Physics, and the nature of creation (from the formless into form--Now, always Now).

So then, are there really "other people" or are we all One, in this energy that encompasses All Life?

All the mystics speak of Oneness. I felt this oneness, once, for an entire week ... and still in tiny glimpses now, from "time" to "time."

One energy, one universe, one time.


Hmmmmmmm ...

With Love from your

Nearly Mystical Mama

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