Sunday, November 22, 2009

At the End

As the dream dissolved,

My heart opened

and two birds flew

Into the blue

and endless sky ...


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lucky Girl

I am so lucky!

Born into small, trans-continental family
loving & dedicated mother,
spiritually-finding father,

(divorced, yes, it's OK)

To have been
Surrounded by Conscious people
To have known
Dear Mr. Sydney Banks
to have stumbled into arms of dedicated & loving husband
also spiritually-finding
who helps to guide me beyond ego
To have birthed two beautiful girls
Who fill the room with their whole-hearted Being

To live in an era of awakened Souls
Surrounded by wise and dedicated colleagues

To be healthy!
To live in California!
Trees on our street
turning toward their annual Splendor

To enjoy the blessings of
running water,
walking to school,
green parks,
central heat,
plenty to eat

But the miracle of all miracles
Is that there are times when I do not feel ...
& cannot remember


at all!

(Someone whack me with a Nerf bat, please!)

What can you feel grateful for?

Consider this poem your whack.

(& you're welcome.)