Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Home

We are Home.

We greet others, arriving
Stepping out onto the Front Porch

They have journeyed long distances
Dragging their frazzled minds
and limp bodies
from the frigid, barren outer regions
Hellish worlds of unbearable pain

And here they are!
At the bottom of the hill ...
On the curving drive ...
On the front lawn ...
Front porch ...

 We welcome them,
So very thankful they have arrived
Prostrate in gratitude
that they have come
no matter what form of transportation
Bruised and bloody knees

And now we say:
You are Home!

Come down off that horse,
emerge from that elaborate, protected carriage
and take my hand
to rise
from those poor, battered knees

Come and sit by this
Eternal Fire
God's Love
One Love
or, simply,

Here, where
all forms of transportation
no longer needed!

Part II

We are Home.
Here, where
Nothing is.
No method.
No teacher.
No ideas. No concepts. No definitions.
Not even words.

 Only the deep silence
of This Peace.
This silent chamber
of the
One Mind

After a time,
you might set down your tea
blinking your eyes,
say to me:

"How funny! How odd!
I dreamed I had traveled this world.
I suffered great evils and lived through
the worst of nightmares.
I was cast out!
I was nobody!
I was the embodiment of all evil,
And I struggled to escape
I indulged in many passions
which engendered
and wandering
and then I dreamed, within my dream
that someone came to wake me up.
It's just a dream! she said.
And I was amazed
and in disbelief
Until I realized
I think she's right.
And I woke up!
And now
I am
Here, with You."

And I nod
And we laugh
and I say:
"Darling, I dreamed the same dream
Aren't dreams so amazing?"