Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buried Treasure

Soon, the autumn light will bring


to us all.

Great riches ...
beyond measure

But did you know
there is
Greater Treasure?

Did you know
You, Yourself
possess all phases
of God's Love

all qualities of

Within you?

Did you know
these are
meant to be
discovered within
and manifested outward
and that
blossom and radiate
within this
Divine Expression
 leaving no one
outside your
exuberant Bounty?

(least of all, yourself!)

Still, perhaps
you are trapped in some
tawdry expression of
hurt and need
Seeking some treasure
or in an overused map

No matter!

It is no matter.

For still you are
Your own
Buried Treasure.


Sue Pankiewicz said...

Beautiful. Thank you Ami.

BKelley said...
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BKelley said...

I did know that. And it is magnificent that you are encouraging others to know that for themselves as well. The more people who know it, the more people I get to be in the company of as One. Thank you for phrasing it so beautifully. Barbara