Saturday, May 15, 2010

On the Death Bed

It seems to me, now
The ushering Out of a life
Is as Sacred as the ushering In.

The entire, unfathomable Universe
Of a personality
With its splendors, flaws, tics, traits

And Deep Intelligence …

The Great Complexity!
Ignited by the One Consciousness
Was Born and now Subsides

We witness,
in these sad & playful pajama party days
The Reality of Soul
And the Love that unites us, (always united us)
And brings us together now,
as around a sputtering candle,

Witnesses to last light
Which fades
on this night

… If only from our view.

2 comments: said...

hi ami, thank you for your beautiful way of seeing and sharing love through your writing and poetry. i am thankful to have met your dad. i can see, remember and feel his contagious "up" smile! with love, denise landucci

Ami Chen Mills-Naim said...

Thank you, Denise!