Saturday, December 29, 2012


Last year, I settled on two New Year's resolutions. The first: to cancel my gym membership. The second: not to make any more resolutions.

As I've said before, wisdom is a moving target, and so my resolution to not have resolutions has un-resolved itself this year.

Here are my resolutions--or rather, call them "loose ideas," or vague intentions--for 2013. And, whatever you do, don't hold me to them. While it's great to have big dreams, it's also surprisingly fulfilling to set very low expectations that one might actually meet.

Number One: I want to be in a Flash Mob. If anyone is organizing such a delightful thing in the South Bay area, please do contact me. This one resolution trumps all the others, (except Six) below, and will count as having fulfilled the entire list (except Six), if it does, indeed happen.

Number Two: I want to take a ceramics class. There. Seems easy enough.

Number Three: I want to re-learn a few chords on my guitar. See comment above. (So far, so good!)

Number Four: I want to continue to go to yoga classes in a highly inconsistent way. (Again, done!)

Number Five: I want to start taking a Zumba class, with the frequency of my attendance being fairly intense in the new year and then petering out to nearly never after a couple or few months. If some unforseen miracle happens, I may still be doing Zumba at the close of 2013, but highly doubtful, don't you think?

Number Six: O.K. I really mean this one. I want to continue to discover who and what I truly am, and to express that (or allow That to express me) fully and freely in the new year, and in all the years that I am lucky enough to be gifted with, to come. Let no resolutions toward any other goals for the body, the identity, or in the "outer world" impede this one, this sacred one, the only one that cannot mislead.

How about you, my beautiful Friend?

Have you found the One True Prayer

the Divine Resolve

That will inevitably, mysteriously, wondrously Release

the Self

in which all resolution dissolves?

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