Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Day in the Life

Happy Autumn, Gentle Readers!

I've been taking time off to complete our move into our new home, to paint doors and trim, to buy couches and rugs ...

No, not a "teacher" at this time. Sometimes a mother, sometimes a wife, sometimes a housekeeper, chef, playmate, decorator, handywoman, hiker, meditator, negotiator.

Which role is there to play, now?

Allow each role to come to you, to find you, moment by moment. No need to be "prepared." Let that role become the deepest expression of yourself; be honest, open to your own invulnerable vulnerability.

Who am I?

No one. Nothing. Just this Space. Who will I be? ... The same.

Who was I? Also, yes, the same.

Energy with no name.

Here is a moment from one Mystical Mama's life, my autumn offering to you, Mystical Friend ...

It was another hectic morning, getting kids off to school, packing lunches, bribing, cajoling kids to brush teeth, get dressed, don shoes, pack up, load into car.

Then, finally at school, a deep sigh, not late today! My Kindergartner and I, holding hands, enter the gated courtyard that leads to her classroom. There is a giant, regal evergreen there and suddenly, the wind howls through, bending its branches, sending fallen leaves on the ground up in skittering swirls. We stop and watch and hear and feel ...

Standing within our own silence.

"Is it Fall?" asks my little one.

"Yes, it is." I say.

"I never saw Fall before!" she says.

There is silence ... silence ... silence.

"Yes, it's very cool, isn't it?"


And here is your gift from God Herself to you, Most Precious One: this whole world. Your reality, as it is.

Can you see it? Do you see it? Heaven ...




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