Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just Stop!

The truth of who you are is utterly simple. It is closer than your thoughts, closer than your heartbeat, closer than your breath.

If you believe your thoughts to be real, if you follow your thoughts as the basis of reality, you will continually overlook what is closer, what has been calling you throughout time, saying,

"You are here! You are home!"


This is a time of the ordinary awakening. This means you.

--From The Diamond in Your Pocket, Gangaji

Thought is not reality, yet it is through Thought that our realities are created.

--From The Missing Link, Sydney Banks

Can there be simple awareness of what's going on, without making something of it? ... All seeing matters. Not just seeing feelings, but seeing their total interconnectedness with thought.

... It happens, when there is pure seeing, there is wisdom.

--From The Light of Discovery, Toni Packer

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