Sunday, November 16, 2008

Praying to Love


Come, come and show me

how it is to See without seeing

the Soul of another


My Soul

Teach me how to

Trust You

For how I shall be clothed,

for where I shall eat and sleep

… for every Next Thing

show me how

You are Provision


Fill me with that ecstasy

unknown to the “outer” world

… which can do no harm

Show me how to stand with Courage

and still to Love

To speak my Peace

and still to Love

Show me how to BE my Peace

to be my Ease

Show me how Safe and Free are


Show me how You are Everything

And all

That is needed.

(I have been told

that I am already Yours …)

Take me!

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I have read this love poem many times. It is so luxurious to read something over again and again when one has the interest, draw and smarts to recognize truth when it is bonking you on the head, saying, "pay attention, look alive, feel my love...!"

Thank you mystical mama for sharing your heart