Friday, October 5, 2007

A Timely Invitation

This blog is not meant to promote, particularly, any one person or philosophy (except myself, of course!)

However, due to a very special event, approaching rapidly (see below), I dedicate this blog to the work of Mr. Sydney Banks (see also

Here are excerpts from his books and lectures:

It is impossible to lose the ego ... "You can only find out what the ego is so that it will have less control over you. Then you will stop having to prove yourself to the world ... and the feeling of contentment and self-esteem will be yours."

--Sydney Banks, "Second Chance"

"There is no fixed way to get oneself into a state of meditation. The state of meditation comes when the ego is put to sleep via silence."

--Sydney Banks, "Second Chance"

"Once the mind is elevated, it will never return permanently to its former state."

--S. Banks, "The Enlightened Gardener"

"The vastness of this physical earth and sky, with all its solar systems, is miniscule compared to what lies within every living soul on the face of this earth."

--"The Enlightened Gardener Revisited"

"In the illusory world of thought, many believe the inner self is God and the outer self is the body. But I can assure you, the inner self and the outer self are the same thing.

Your eyes must see in the singular if you want to find the truth.

When you understand this, you will see through the illusionary duality of life."

--S. Banks, "The Missing Link"

"Heaven is not a place, it is a conscious state."

--S. Banks, lecture

The discoveries and nearly lifelong work of Mr. Sydney Banks, Canadian author and theosopher, have produced a now widely practiced psychology based on three psycho-spiritual, or formless, principles. These principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought condense the mysteries and wisdom of the ages into simple truths, easily shared, that awaken the mental health and well-being in even severely distressed individuals.

I have been a student and teacher of these principles in various settings for more than a decade--and have witnessed remarkable and very swift outcomes in my own clients and students. In the county in which I work, Principles-based psychology has expanded rapidly throughout mental health and social services, including juvenile justice, due to client outcomes and client demand.

At this time, Principles-based psychology is taught and practiced in academic settings, hospital systems, city and county government, school districts, correctional institutions and sober living and recovery institutions--as well as in the corporate world.

Mr. Banks will be holding perhaps his last public lecture in the U.S. in San Jose, California on October 20 & 21, 2007 at the bucolic Dolce Hayes Mansion. Therapists, counselors, psychiatrists and psychologists who practice a Principles-based psychology, nationally and internationally, will be in attendance. Registration is through Pransky and Associates at 360-466-5200. Registration forms can be found at my own organization's website at ...

Because mental health and inner well-being is the basis for positive, loving, and respectful human relations, I strongly encourage all those who seek to help the world end suffering and find peace in the fastest possible manner to attend this seminar.

Mr. Banks teaches a truly simplified truth with vast implications for the mental health field, community renewal, parents, teachers, children and youth.

With Love and Great Regard,


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