Friday, September 7, 2007

The Quickest Route to Change

The quickest route to change is gratitude.

Love your life as it is now ... whatever you can find about it to love

And your heart & mind will open wide to receive

What is wonderful to come ...


Here's the deeper secret

For those really ready (is it you? is it you?
... if not now, later then
I will meet you here, again)

It's all true ...

wonderful things, life unfolding, taking wing,
people, places, relations--all the worldly Nouns

But the real change

the change you're really looking for

is Gratitude



Denise said...

Beatiful Ami!
I am grateful for a woman named Edi that I met yesterday who is a homeopath. She is helping me to be healthier in all ways.
I am grateful for my washer and dryer.
I am grateful for my cat. We are always mutually happy to see eachother.
I love the area where I live. I am surrounded by the most beautiful trees and a variety of flirtatious, sing song birds. Thanks for reminding of the quick route. That feels good! Denise

Ami Chen Mills-Naim said...

Thank you, Denise. What a beautiful writer you are!